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Make your own earrings
you will need round nose pliers with a cutting blade
Drop earrings
Simple drop earrings with loop or hole
Beads and earring drop using headpin
Beads and earring drop using eyepin
instruction-drop-earring-1 instruction-heart-earring-23 instruction-earring-headpin-456 instruction-earrring78

1.Open hook on earwire, hang earring piece and close hook using pliers.

2.Use a bail or triangle link for beads with a hole at the top.
3. Squeeze the prongs into the hole and attach to the earwire as before.

4. Thread the beads of your choice onto the headpin.
Shorten wire if necessary leaving 1cm at the top of the wire.
5. Bend the top of the headpin into a loop using pliers.
6.Open loop on earwire and attach earring as in step 1
7. Thread beads onto eyepin (the loop is at the bottom). Attach dropper from bottom loop of the eyepin.
8. Cut and bend top of eyepin as in step 5 and attach to earwire.
A clip-on or screw fitting can be used instead of an earwire. Any small item with a hole or a loop can be made into a hanging earring.
Necklaces and bracelets
Nylon coated wire and crimps
Leather and cord
Nylon, waxed thread, cotton
instruction-crimp1 instruction-spring-clasp instruction-crimp2
1. Place the crimp at the end of the necklace as though it were the last bead. Thread the nylon coated wire through the the clasp and back through the crimp.
2. Pull thread tight agaist the bead
3. squeeze the crimp flat with a pair of pliers and cut off the excess.
4. Ensure leather fits into leather end grip or spring end.
If necessary fold cord double and push right into the spring
5. Using flat nosed pliers, squeeze spring end closed by applying pressure to the tip of the end coil only. Squash it tight around the cord.
6. Attach clasp or hook to the ring on the spring clasp
7. Thread a calotte crinp at end of necklace using the hole in the hinge of the crimp. To make the thread tight use a needle to slide the knot into position.
8. Clamp the calotte crimp firmly over the knot and cut off the excess thread
9. Attach hook of the calotte crimp to a clasp of your choice.
note: there are several types of calotte crimp.